Avoid the Tourists – The start of Venice

A couple of weeks ago, we arrived with an unreasonable amount of luggage to one of the most beautiful cities in the world, in the uniquest environment, eager to get to the little apartment that would be our home for the next ten weeks. We climbed into a bobbing water taxi and were sped towards the waterways of Venice. And our apartment was amazing, our local area friendly and our fellow students all around. Venice, similar to most of Italy, is a city of fast coffee and slow dinners. Venice is early to bed and early to rise and throughout the day there is a constant hustle and bustle of the restaurants, mask vendors and of course the thousands of tourists that flock to the tiny lagoon.

So we are avoiding the tourists, finding the back alley shortcuts and have learnt our most  important Italian word: “PERMESSO!”. Shout it through crowds, the Italians part and the rest of the visitors halt in pure confusion, enabling you to dodge around and continue on your way.

venice food

Needless to say, photography wise, it is wonderfully overwhelming. Across every bridge is an amazing view, around any corner there might be a decorated church. I forgot how inspiring Venice is, how easy it is to simply get lost. But you are never truly lost as sooner or later you will hit a familiar landmark. My day now starts with a coffee and a meander through new streets and over new bridges. I feel there is so much I want to do, and so much I want to do all over again, I have remind myself I am here for 10 weeks (yikes) and I HAVE TIME. Not an easy task for a spontaneous gal with itchy feet…persanmarco

I am loving discovering the city with my hilarious (and gorgeous) housemates. Already we have conquered the Campo, braved the Aqua Alta Bookshop and become poker pros. I am shocked at my lack of blogging in Venice but it mainly because I have been loving the down time (and the Downton time) with the house.
pastaboxes blogboardthreeDSC_0893And of course, I am still unsure as to how I got so lucky to end up in one of my favourite cities in the world with my favourite person in the world. Sorry J, you are getting a mention so I remain grateful.
blog diptyicYay. I hope this has given you a little snapshot into how life is forming for me here. Trust me, there are plenty more arty photos to come and more Venetian musings.
All the Venetian greetings and love.
Anna in Venice



P.S Also, how fun that this is my 60th post? Good topic to achieve such a landmark on!

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