Life According to Instagram

Unsurprisingly, many of my latest Instagram’s picture share a similar ‘Venetian’ theme (take me back). I had a fantastic and busy ten weeks there and I want to keep sharing the places I discovered, the coffees I drank and the beauty of the city with all of you. For now, here are a few snaps of my time there according to Instagram.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 23.36.46Top row from left: 1) A perfect morning coffee from Bar Al Verde, the cafe down the street where I went almost every day (addict?) 2) Using sweets instead of actual chips for poker night. 3) Fior de Latte & Sicilian Lemon ice cream from Grom. 4) Beautiful bridges over the canals of Venice. 5) The decorated portal to the Palazzo Ducal

Middle Row from left: 1) J and I eating pizza the size of your face. 2) Myself in front of the Rialto Bridge. Classic. 3) San Marco Square in aqua alta (flooding). 4) Funky coloured fish eye overlooking the Grand Canal. 5) Two lovely housemates in front of a big BIG statue

Bottom Row from left: 1) Hazy view of Santa Maria del Salute and gondolas. 2) Our arrival into Venice by water taxi. 3) (Before Venice) Pom poms at Hauser & Wirth exhibition in Somerset. 4) ‘Rainy days are the best days’ graphic made by me. 5) Super close up of Photojojo dinosaur received with iPhone lenses.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 23.36.38


Top row from left: 1) Back in England so I get a personalised Starbucks to sooth the transition. 2) Photo wall in my Venice room of tickets and arty postcards. 3) Amazing platter of meats and cheeses on our last meal out in Venice. 4) Bare tree against wintery sky on a walk with the dogs. 5) Sweet Nahla excited to be going on a walk

Middle row from left: 1) A rather spotty coffee from Al Verde. 2) Evidence of panetone and essay stress on housemates. 3) A night in with Nutella and true Italian panetone. 4) Essay writing and tea drinking. 5) My parents came to visit me and it was wonderful.

Bottom row from left: 1) I love my  housemates (#FZF). 2) Gorgeous gals enjoying breakfast in Rome. 3) Fisheye friends in Siena. 4) A sneaky Siena selfie. 5) Town hall in Siena

I hope you enjoyed my Italian Instagrams!
Ciao bella


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