Current Fascinations

A page for the things I am currently obsessing over and need more of in my life:


My recent trip to Prague included a couple of late nights in an underground Jazz Club, my friend and I drinking cheap (seriously cheap) white wine and getting lost in the moody blues that echoed in the small vault. And I was hooked. So since coming back, I have constantly been listening to the sounds of BB King, Robert Cray, Albert Collins and Otis Rush. For those who maybe have no knowledge or have yet to appreciate the jazzy blues, My favourite album to suggest is Riding with the King, By Eric Clapton and BB King. Here is a taste, let me play the blues for you:

This is title song and it is very feel good, sort of rusty and very deep south (an apt driving song). Start with this and give the rest of the album a listen. Be prepared for a whole world of rhythm, melodies and feeling.


Books: The Sense of an Ending

This was one of those rare books that you finish, put down and go, “HUH?”. And then you re-read the last paragraph several times, thinking you missed some vital clue. I even flicked to the beginning, checking on the clues left to me. This book is a maze of complexity, brilliance and instability. It has been a while since a book has really got me thinking and it has reminded me how ingenious some stories can be. It is a small, two-hour read at most, but I could not tear myself away. The author keeps you completely hooked, and constantly on edge, although almost everything of significance happens in the final paragraph. It is an intriguing study of the reliability of memory, the narrator and how important an ending is.

Fashion: Brit-Stitch Bag

DSC_0109This amazing British-made company was recently featured on my must-haves for summer and I was lucky enough to get my very own for my 21st!! It’s gorgeous and not too big, not too small. I created this one myself on the Brit-Stitch Make Your Own page, and I was a little wary of my colour choices, but I think they totally work. Be warned: if you do decide to make your own, the colours on the site are definitely not true to life. Best to browse their gallery and Instagram to get a better idea of their stunning colour ranges. Look out for discounts and deals, but this light bag is a worthy investment. Here is to a summer of bags!


One of my favourite artistic discoveries at the moment, comes mainly in postcard form. It is The Fun Explosive Project, found in the bookshops of Prague. The artist J.Votruba is Czech and creates funny little cartoon simplifications of life in Prague, in block colours and black contours. They were surprising insightful and made me smile. So naturally I bought about 20 and they now decorate the walls of my little student room.
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