Hello, and Welcome!

DSC_0341My name is Anna, resident of Earth since 1993. This blog is primarily dedicated to anything and everything that inspires, confuses, impresses or astounds me. I like words, books and things that are aesthetically pleasing. I am a part-time blogger for Art History Abroad, full-time student and constant adventurer. So expect to see everything from Art History nerdyness and plenty of my own photography, all combined with my slightly odd sense of humour. This is a friendly space so don’t be afraid to leave comments, e-mail requests of anything you would like to see and just generally get to know me. Here are a few good-to-know facts:

1) I like lattes a lot. And just general coffee. (Also wine)

2) My music taste is mainly defined by Van Morrison, J.J Cale, Boston, The Black Keys, Paul Simon and July for Kings.

3) I hope one day to have a dog called Winston. I picture him as a pug.

4) I am a little confused about where I come from as I grew up in South Africa for a significant portion of my life. Best place in the world.

5) All my photos are taken with a Nikon D3200 or an iPhone 4

That’s just a few tit-bits to get you started. The title of my blog comes from the fairy tale of the 12 Dancing Princesses and how they wandered through three forests, silver, gold and diamond.

Enjoy wandering through this forest!



1 Response to About

  1. kayjayaitch says:

    Thank you for visiting my own somewhat eclectic blog. It follows times of joy and pain but mainly extols the homeliness and vitrues of baking! Life is a lot like baking : good things can happen even when you don’t follow the recipe to the letter!

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