Project Life

One day as I was trolling the web for creative inspiration, for some kind of project I could throw myself into and be forced to stick to for the year, I stumbled across Project Life. Now some of you may have heard of this as I believe it is gaining popularity in the scrap-booking community, yet there is a digital version for people with no money (ME!) and little time to sit down with paper and glue.

Project life Logo

The basic premise of project life is to spend a year documenting your life. Not just the big moments, but the routine and the little things that make up everyday. The project provides beautiful resources, both digital and tangible, and its emphasis is FUN!
So this is what I shall attempting to do Weekly but I will not get stressed if that doesn’t happen. I aim to have at least 3 spreads per month and hopefully more!

At the end I hope to have enough beautiful pages to send off to make a physical book, which I can flip through and remember this good year.
I will post my spreads on this blog, whilst hopefully doing some other pieces alongside it (if work doesn’t take over my life!)
I am really excited to start this, to have a creative commitment for 2014 and hope to learn a lot! Check back in for regular updates, and minor meltdowns!



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