Glorious Gozo


As mentioned in my life update, I recently went to the tiny island of Gozo for ten days of complete bliss. I was invited by J and his wonderful family, which was kind of perfect, since J and I had been talking about doing come traveling over the summer but that idea was quickly shut down by lack of funds. So we jetted off to Malta and took a quick ferry over to nearby Gozo. An island not renowned as a fancy holiday destination, but immediately recognisable as an island of character.
viewWe stayed in a wonderful converted farm-house just outside the capital Victoria. Being such a small island however meant that we could drive into Victoria each morning and explore the fantastic market which had everything from fresh fish to beach hats. We found a favourite cafe in the square which had the best coffee and croissants and these morning were definitely the best start to the best days.
housegorg squareΒ J and I had our own car so we went exploring all over the island whenever we felt like it. When we didn’t feel like doing that, we stay in and worked on our tans, eating these amazing things called cheesy twistys and I devoured my way through books. There was one day we took a day trip to Malta altogether and spent a day photographing stunning Valletta, with its old fortress and sweeping harbour. There were countless shops selling delicate filigree in the form of Saint John’s cross and we were overwhelmed with opulence when we stepped in the Cathedral. We even came across a couple of Caravaggio’s and J and I got a little bit excited. It was extremely hot and not a cloud in the sky as I talked J into taking some portraits down one of the sandstone streets.
vallettaDSC_0676jonnyannaDSC_0674Gozo has an amazing coast line. We took a drive to the tourist spot, The Azure Window which was beautiful and further along were the salt planes where sea salt is harvested. In Gozo, drive 20 minutes in any direction and you will hit the beautiful turquoise sea.


We ate some amazing food in Gozo. J and I ate so much on our last dinner out we could barely move. So much yum.

DSC_0508This is my favourite photo of the holiday and perhaps ever. We wanted a photo together at the Azure Window…however, I HATE asking strangers to take our photo as I hate giving over my beloved Nikon to anyone. Also, strangers never take it the way I want, always too zoomed out or compositionally wrong. But what can you do when you need the photo? SO we asked a fellow who also had a big camera, hoping he might understand how to use mine better. The results were not great so I dragged J away from the azure window, arranged him on a rock and then sprinted to join him as the self timer beeped down. And voila! A rock and a self timer took a better picture than the stranger. Despite not being in front of the main tourist attraction, it is a unique view and a special smiley picture.

I hope you have enjoyed this little insight into a wonderful relaxing holiday I got to share with my best friend in a new part of the world.

Stay Glorious

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