Life Update – Recent Travels, New Tech and Back to Uni

Happy Friday!!
happythurs copyThe summer has been a time of fantastic holidays, important birthdays and tough decisions. I spent some time falling in love all over again with Tuscany, showing the family the beauty of Florence and recuperating under the tuscan sun.

italystoryboardIn August, I turned 21! Woah, how did that happen? I had the most fantastic day down in Devon with my family, and various friends. It was a very low-key birthday which was exactly what I wanted, having celebrated properly back at Warwick with university friends. We had the traditional birthday breakfast and presents before and afternoon of surfing and laugher. Delicious posh dinner topped off with a seriously creative cake decorated by J and G!

With turning 21 came a whole load of new technology, which really wasn’t planned but has made my life so much easier and I have been having SO much fun playing with all my new toys, including a new SLR, a Nikon D3200 (New name Niko. He is LOVELY). Most exciting of all is I have finally invested in a MacBook Air. WOW sums it up. Cannot believe it has taken me this long. Blogging has become a dream and I love the clean look of it. Happy happy. As well as new computer and camera, few fun things I would never have got unless my bday made it possible like a graphics tablet purchased with an Apple gift card and some super cute iPhone lenses! Technological genius is the making.
techstoryboardPerhaps the highlight of this summer was a trip to Gozo with J and his family. Gozo is a little island off Malta and a seriously underrated place. It is full of character, surrounded by stunning turquoise sea and has a shabby uniqueness to it. We stayed in a covered farm-house with a perfect dipping pool for then the heat got too much, could trundle down to the city centre for inexpensive (yet delicious) coffee and pastries in the morning and travel no more than 15 minutes in any direction before hitting the beach. It was a haven of sun and beauty. Exactly the perfect get away. Full blog coming soon.


As wonderful as this summer has been, the months ahead promise even more! On the 27th September, I am flying away to Venice for a term abroad. A term with my greatest friends, a term in one of the most romantic cities in the world with my wonderful J, a term surrounded by art, beauty and good food. I cannot wait to be blogging from this amazing city, I will be sure to keep you all updated. As I live and work there, I have some decisions to make about my future and what that might look like. I hope being in such an inspiring place will help with these important decisions.

Hope you have enjoyed my little update about my world right now. Keep a look out for many blogs featuring graphics tablet, improved photos and Venice discoveries!



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