Life According to Instagram

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 21.59.18Busy few weeks on my Instagram lately! I am away at the moment so this is just a little update on what my crazy summer has entailed.

Top row from left: 1) The Great British summer; Rain and umbrellas in front of Bath Abbey. 2) Brit-Stich Bag is ticked off the Top Ten summer list! Sooo pretty. Β 3)Beautiful Nahla. 4) Big Chief J looking gooood. 5)Latitude sign, my first festival!

Middle Row: 1) Showing off my circus skills 2) Cheeky cute pic of J and I complete with token festival headband 3) My two favourites 4) Entrance to first festival 5) Necessities packed for Latitude

Bottom Row: 1) Perfect timing close up of lavender at La Foce, Italia. 2) Sunset over Tuscany. 3) An abandoned caffe door in some small Italian town. 4) Sisters at San Gimignano. 5) View over the Tuscan countryside

Lots of Insta-love

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