A Tuscan Adventure

Greetings. Life right now is me, stuck home alone with two excitable dogs while my mom, dad, sister AND boyfriend are all away in various parts of Spain. Seems I missed the memo. Since I am laden with free time, I thought I would share some of my photos from my family holiday to Tuscany earlier in the summer. It was completely wonderful. We had three days in Florence to begin with, which of course is an Art Historian’s paradise. My poor family were dragged all about the city. And once more to be sure we had seen all my favourite things, from the top of the Duomo, to the Medici tombs. We eat pizza, parma ham and melon, we drank copious amounts of prosecco and absorbed Italian life.


From top left: 1)Little jelly sweets and me making a funny face. 2)H and I discovered square pizza for lunch. 3)The perfect moment to capture the unique shadow from atop the Duomo. 4)You cannot take a bad photo in Florence


From top left: 1)Family rebelling against their tour guide. 2)Father Fothergill in new hat. 3)See the similarity with Mom and I? 4)My favourite meal in the world.


From left: 1) Florence Baptistry interior mosaics in the morning… 2)..to aperitif’s in the evening

After Florence, we drove out to the countryside to an estate of villas called La Foce, where some much-needed R&R was had. All we did was read books, play tennis and tan by the pool among the olive groves. The whole estate was built on volcanic soil and it smelled amazing, of lavender, cedars and olives. The heat of the day stayed on your skin into the evening as we went out to explore the local towns, revealing in the local life.


From top: 1) View of Tuscan countryside never gets old 2) Neither does the sunset 3) Close up of a bee on lavender at La Foce

I hope you have had the holiday you deserve this summer!

Anna (Tuscan Raider)

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