The Foretelling signs of Exam Season

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. The usual seasons. But for thousands of students around the world, there is another season. Exam season. 

The phrase is dreaded by some, ignored by others and inevitable for all. And the signs of this forthcoming era have crept into my room. For me personally, I am not particularly scared by exams. I have a theory that my handwriting is SO bad that examiners assume I know the answers. And since I have started simply studying a subject I really love, exams are not the trial they were when I had to learn about numbers and…sciencey things. Ugh.

Me...not panicing

Me…not panicking

Exam Season also means an excuse to invest in beautiful new pens, folders and paper trays. I am definitely not a naturally organised person…at all. I think I was born with the anti-neat gene. Which is REAAALLY frustrating because I desperately want to be organised! I feel like half the battle with organisation is having the right gear. So I managed to get organised enough to buy the pens, the paper and the flashcards. The Signs of Revision.

deskbooksflashcards penscoffeecastles

I really do think it is important to create a nice workspace for yourself. It does increase motivation, it is not just a procrastination tool ha.


Stay organised

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