Top Ten Summer Must-haves

Every year, when the  little April showers have faded, and the darling buds of May are springing and when there is even a mere hint of sun, I start dreaming about summer (for fans of Frozen, I relate to Olaf in many ways). And I proceed to convince myself that I NEED an entirely new summer wardrobe, a tan, and other accessories that will make my summer perfect. So through various blogs, recommendations and product auditions, I have created a list for you lovely readers, of the Top Ten items I am IN LOVE with for this summer.
This was a tradition I started privately in my journals when I was about 15. That first list included: Dove self tanner, wear red lipstick for all of summer, espadrilles with those ribbons and teal nail polish. I have not become much cooler since then, but I think we can generally agree my taste has developed and I promise this list will be more specific and oh so fancy. Warning, may not all be realistic or accessible. But one can dream….

I aim to own everything on this list by the end of  summer (however brief in might be here in the UK) but my bank account usually has other ideas!
In no particular order:

  1. Vitamin C Skin Reviver – Body Shop

Vitamin C Skin Reviver

I discovered this product a few years ago and I still love it. It can be used as a primer or simply just to make your skin as soft as a unicorn’s tail washed in angel tears. The best part is, pop into Body shop, try the tester, and if it doesn’t feel like you are smoothing pure silk into your skin, don’t buy it.

2. A Brit-Stitch Bag


I NEED ONE OF THESEEEE! I discovered this company over instagram and fell in love with their simply block colouring and practical size. You can even build your own on the website! They are perfect for evenings out as well as day time casual. I need one.

3. The Statement Necklace

It’s everywhere. I actually bought this one last week from Forever 21 and I am discovering it goes with a lot more items than I originally thought. Have a browse around Forever 21, they have a great selection and a statement necklace can add another layer of interest to an outfit.


4. Navy Striped Shorts – Zara

I think stripes are very summary. Guess they invoke images of boats and shimmering blue seas. But these stripe numbers from Zara are both adorable and silky soft. Good quality and good style.

5. A Clean Perfume


I am saving up for Si by Giorgio Armani. Keep any summer scents easy, light and not sickly sweet. Si has a light sweetness and floral tones and it does not get tired over the day. Pick a scent and stick with it for the summer!

6. A Good pair of Running Shoes

Good shoes = good run = good bikini bod = good health = good vibes = good summer =Good investment!

7. The Maxi Skirt – Forever 21

I confess I own a disproportionate amount of maxi skirts. But they are SO practical as well as girly, floaty and stylish. So can one really own too many? They are perfect for hot summer nights strolling through some Croatian town, as well as throwing on after the beach. They are comfortable and alternative. GET BROWSING!

8. Concoction’s Shampoo and Conditioner

This brand has to be one of the most genius ideas I have come across in a while! A shampoo brand where YOU customize the shampoo. WAAAAH? You can pick a base scent and then add to these anything your hair might need. Blonde or brunette, dry or flat, there is a mixology method for you. Swoon, personally tailored shampoo!

9. Turn Blue – The Black Keys, album out 12th May

Okay, slightly cheeky one…I am very biased towards them. But so far, I am enjoying their newest singles. Also, I will be journeying to Latitude festival in July to see them IN CONCERT! My joy is almost uncontainable! But anyway, while their new stuff pales is not as mindblowing-must-listen-over-and-over again, as El Camino was….I still can’t get enough. Soundtrack to Summer: Sorted.

10. Top Notch Friends

Of course, no material thing compares to sharing any summer, rainy or sunny, with the best of friends. Gather a grand group of like-minded people, reconnect with lost laughs and make new connections.

Happy hunting!

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