A Snowy Project Life

I am back! Sorry for the silence, Easter break has been a wonderfully busy time. I went skiing for ten days with my family and brought J along. It was a week of sun and snow, adorable mountain chalets and instagramming every moment. It was the perfect get away. As well a Switzerland, I spent a few glorious days in Cambridge and attempted to work in the couple of days of unexpected blazing sun.


My favourite day was J’s second to last day. We woke up far too early, bought vanilla and chocolate croissants and headed up the mountain. To the very highest peak. We stepped out into whipping cold and bundled up to the ears, we swooped down the slope. Down a gloriously long empty run and by the end our cheeks were red and our appetites up. So J and I sat on the side of an Alpine peak and ate our breakfast. The rest of the day was filled with more runs up and down the mountains and ended with a delicious dinner. It was perfect.

ski layout

Zermatt is really beautiful. Very Swiss is feel and a melting pot of languages and nationalities.

skii2I loved all the retro ski posters that were available so I included some of them in my layout. As you can see, we were very lucky with the conditions and amazingly, even J began to Instagram the mountains!

Hope you have had some lovely travels this Easter!

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