The Last Week – Project Life Weeks 10 & 11

The end of term could not come soon enough. The stress surrounding my course peers was almost palpable, the deadlines coming upon us all to quickly. But one we handed in those darn essays, green cover sheets all filled in, lines of text proofread for the 100th time, freedom was at hand.

Week 10 

But before this strange free time, came History Ball. This was a fantastic evening with the girls, getting to dress up all fancy, eat yummy food and forget work for a few hours. We got taken to a lovely hotel and had drinks, meal and dancing. It was beautifully decorated and we had all the HoA girls on a table. Just a glamorous night.

week 10 final

So this was History Ball. The highlight was the  photo booth of course, complete with fake mustaches, goofy glasses and plenty of hats. G, H and I spent a good long time in there. This event was the only real interesting happening of Week 10, the rest of my time has been locked away in the library or sleeping. Sweet moment though, when we returned from the Ball

week 10

The photos I did have for this week, whilst all along the same theme, were really great. Silly, fun but pretty. Very happy.


Week 11

The Last Week of term! Finally it was here. After the great handing in of the essays, we could do whatever we wanted. So mostly, I slept, caught up in TV shows and on a sunny Friday afternoon, G, H and I went to the gardens and took sunny pictures.


H made friends with a squirrel and after a nice wonder, we went for a hurried cream tea. It was all very British. The evening brought a party with all the HoA gang.


Despite the wonderful last week of term, I really am very excited to go home. After problems with fuse boxes, money and finding one courageous slug in our bathroom, home comforts are very appealing right now. The daffodils are blooming, the sun is shining and spring is springing…so I guess it is not so bad here!

Stay Sunny

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2 Responses to The Last Week – Project Life Weeks 10 & 11

  1. ELane says:

    I love all your white space, looks so clean.

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