A rather delayed Project Life Weeks 8 & 9 – Quick pics and castles

Work has taken over! Its depressing how little time I have had to sit down and work on my project life for the past couple of weeks, especially since there were plenty of fun moments that occurred. I had a study trip to the local castle, was bested by J at icing cupcakes for our 9AM seminar, went for an interview at Wimbledon (AND GOT THE JOB!), went home to house sit the dogs and H and the general times stuck in the library for 5-6 hours everyday.

So that is a fun down of the past couple of weeks. Unfortunately, with the stress that is writing an essay on Methods of Art History (worst topic ever), there simply were not enough photos to fill four spread. Be sad now.

But also be happy because the ones I did get are significant, rather than just fillers. I went for a cleaner look for these two weeks and kind of just put them all together, giving one page completely over to the pictures I took when we went to Kenilworth Castle. Lovely day out, G and I got driven there by our professor, whom we discovered is a maniac on the road.

So enjoy my 5oth Post on this blog! (WOAH)

week8_edited-1Yay for castles. It wasn’t so much a work thing as me not listening and taking hundreds of pictures. But L, G and I enjoyed ourselves and sure I must had learned something.

week 8This page is practically all Instagrams and one snap chat, lovely caring J sent to all our friends of me napping when we went home for a weekend. I need all the naps I can afford at the moment. Busy week had really taken it out of me.

Couple of Instagrams from when I went to London for my Wimbledon interview. That was a lot of waiting around for a ten minute chat with a very nice lady. But it went great and I found out a few days ago I got the job! Official employee for Wimbledon Championships 2014!

My favourite photo out of everything has to be this one however:


This is Emmet! If any of you have not yet seen the Lego Movie, GO SEE IT NOW! It is completely brilliant. J and I went on Valentines Day as I mentioned and then, one early morning when we had had a blurry start to the day, J surprised me with one of those little packs where you don’t know what character you are going to get. And we were both fingers crossed, wishing and pleading for it to be Emmet. And what do you know, we had some luck with us that morning. As our lecture began, we were silently celebrating in childish excitement, trying to contain our amazement. So Emmet came on our road trip home and has experienced much of the world in his time with us. Everything is awesome! Expect to see more from him.

Hope it is awesome where you are!

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