Project Life Weeks 6 & 7 with a Little Love from Valentines Day.

Project life got put on the sidelines a bit the past couple of weeks as work has really been building up so I am truly sorry for that. I also said I didn’t want this project to be another stressful requirement, something I have to do, but rather something I do because I enjoy it.
I have come home for the weekend, (the first time in 2014!) and so I finally have a bit of time to catch up on the documenting. It is really lovely to be home, and in fact I have had a lovely few weeks!

Week 6: 3rd – 9th Feb

week 6 final

This week brought a host of fun things. J bringing over pizza and wine just because. Making a dozen cupcakes and being creative with perspex and paint.


Here are the stories of Eldoon and lovely chinese with J. Β I mainly included the photos from the 5 Stories I told you all earlier in the week! Eldoon, cupcakes and art.

Week 6

Week 7: 10th – 16th Feb

I did something very different this week because the main focus of this week was of course, Valentines Day. And for once, I was not amongst the singletons, which is a new situation for me. This Valentines day, I awakened to white roses, M&S chocolates and the most adorable handmade card from J. And the rest of the day was perfect beyond imagining. We went to see the Lego movie, appropriate for our mental age, and then he had cook up a whole delicious dinner and decorated the flat with Paris themed pictures (since he couldn’t take me to Paris, he brought Paris to me). I felt so loved and happy on that day and I want to do a simple spread that reflected the simple gifts he had given me, and how he really didn’t go all out, but it was perfect nonetheless.

Valentines Day edit

So I hope you guys like the cleaner layout of this week. I think it works.

week7 3

The second page of this week was just a few collected photos from the rest of the week. Breakfast with new best friend Georgia, polaroids prints that arrived, the view from my window after the storm and my beautiful doggies. I am home for the weekend, which is lovely. The dogs and the family are happy and for once, the weather has been beautiful. So many treats and the simple pleasure of getting to sleep in my own bed!

The past two weeks have been completely brilliant. Much love to you and yours!

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