5 Photo Stories

I have been taking a sizable amount of photos lately, some good, some bad, some silly but each has a story and I thought I would choose five of my favourite ones from recent days and share them with you

  1. The Perspex Plates

The Perspex Plate

This image is a small part of what I am producing in my practical art class at the moment. I etch the figures on to perspex and then using paint mixed with PVA glue, I have brought out the delicate lines of the etching, as well as creating a sense emotion. As least I hope I have. I love how these are turning out and I have produced about 10 different versions so far

2. Eldoon (this is a good one)


Eldoon (n) : Elvish for Noodle.
Haha, not really! But the story of Eldoon makes me laugh so much. On Wednesday, J took me to see Wolf of Wall Street. We did not enjoy it to say the least. I am sorry to those of you who think it is frightfully clever and innovative, but I felt like I was stuck in a worm hole, as it went on and on and on and on. Every time I thought it was wrapping up, it didn’t. So at what might have been towards the end (who can tell?) J and I walked out, raging about the lack of entertainment. We were also starving, having been sat in the cinema for at least 3 and a half hours. Food was in order. Having heard about a nice little chinese place, we found it and ordered enough food to feed a small army. While we waited for what seemed another age and a half, J observed that the word on the window next to us was Elvish for noodle. I practically fell of my chair with laughter as this kind of humour is so typical of J and gets me every time. Or maybe I was delirious from hunger. Either way, “Eldoon” cheered me right up after the disappointing day. And I have a new favourite word, and chinese restaurant.

           3. Mapping it Out


On Thursday evening, we had a Girls Night (blog to follow). 17 girls packed into our tiny living room for cocktails, nail painting and giggles. It was brilliant. But my two housemates and I had a day of getting the house ready before that. Part of this included a new addition to the wall. A world map on which we all put the places we had been. I was the blue heart, R was red and A was green. It was so fun to mark all these places, and talk about other places we wanted to go. It was so easy and has really brightened up our little house. If you are stuck for home decor’ ideas, this is a cheap and fun on!

              4. The Cupcake Fiend


On Thursday, I also made some very special cupcakes.They were intended for my seminar on Friday morning but unfortunately they did not make it there. As a result, my housemates now get to enjoy them. R grabbed on the other day, saying “Take a picture of me eating the cupcake!” So I snapped a quick on with my phone and I just love the quizzical expression she has as she studies the cake. R and I both love baking and so to have her enjoy a fondant Anna cake is mighty pleasing.

              5. Free Coffee tastes better


My wonderful and caring Mother sent me a special something this week. A care package filled with all my favourite things; cakes, mints, nice soap and best of all… A STARBUCKS VOUCHER. I was so excited to see that resting on the top. £5 worth of free coffee! So I made the most of it, setting time aside on Saturday, I grabbed my iPad and walked up to my local Starbucks where I ordered a GRANDE (WOOOAH!) and sat for the best part of 2 hours, writing, sipping, writing, contemplating. Thank you Mommy for supporting my coffee habit and for giving me a great afternoon. Also fun fact, Starbucks is named after the Chief Mate in Herman Melville’s Moby Dick. Who knew? Thanks J for that little piece of useless information!

I hope you have enjoyed these five little stories, please let me know if you have. I have been LOVING all your comment recently so keep them coming.

Tell me your own photo stories

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