A New Month: Project Life – Week 5

Welcome to February! Can’t really say what my expectations are for this month, (apart from Love Day, ooooh). A lot is going to be happening this like deciding dissertation title, essay deadlines coming up (AHHH) and more fun stuff like that. I know. So much excitement. But hopefully this month will produce some lovely spreads and photos.
This week was the usual really, a few ups and downs and a few giggles. The best thing however, was on Friday afternoon. After our early morning start, J and I had plans to hang out after his football match. As I was heading home on the crowded bus, inspiration hit.
“I should build a fort!”
And build I did, gathering up every blanket, pillow and spare sheet in the house and my room was transformed into Fort Knox. I bought chocolate and popcorn and set up the Fort movie theatre. It was a mission with pegs, clips, central beams and fake walls. There was even a curtain doorway, that could be pinned back. I was pretty impressed with my architectural skills to be honest. And J was so happy which made me feel warm inside. So we spent a lovely afternoon watching movies, catching up on sleep and eating junk food, all in our own little world of sheets and pillows. Perfect.

Week 5 Final

I unintentionally went for a sea green colour scheme which I really like actually. Of course, there is a new calendar to mark the start of a new month!

week 5_2

Some fun pics on this side, of windswept hair and friends.

Week 5

The story of the fort and other tales.

A good week if not a particularly busy one!

Happy February

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