Big Challenges and Little Moments: Project Life Week 4

The last week of January brought a host of new challenges mostly financial. There was a bit of a mess with student finance but I managed to sort everything out thankfully, but it was a good lesson in government bureaucratic nonsense. So this week, I found myself focusing on the little joys that were coming my way. New books arriving in the post, a pay cheque and a nice walk with my favourite guy. I think it is important to not always be looking out at the big picture, at the ocean of things that can threaten to overwhelm you, but to focus your sights on the small things that make you happy day-to-day. This is hard for someone like me, Future-Girl, who is always thinking of what comes next. I find it difficult to live in the moment, especially when I think there are more excitingΒ things ahead. So I tried this week to enjoy the moment. The moment I opened the post to find another book wrapped in bubble wrap (FUN) and waiting to be read. The moment the heavens opened with lightning and thunder and sheets of rain. The moment I got a hug from J as I stepped in from the cold. The moment I had an unexpected giggle with L and added to my new language. The moment I finished Project Life Week 4.Β Week 4 final real


week4_REALI realise this week might be a bit Vanitas on my part, but the large image on the left was taken by the latest talent in photography, my J boy and I like it very much. The one sunny day we had! The text on here is mostly the thoughts I included at the beginning of this post. Just reflection on the little things. There were plenty of photos for this week which excited me.

week 4

Again, I apologise for my face being in a lot of this spread but the colours in this make me unbelievably happy. I want to live in my new jumper. It’s like a wearable hug and I hate the cold so it was definitely made for me. And of course there are my beautiful book aka new friends. I had a lot of fun messing around with manual to take all of these, as well as self timer. Times like these are when I am thankful my room in my student house gets lots of light. I also like the little collection of book related images on the top right. I got these from my various boards on Pinterest. Hurrah for books. I think a follow-up blog on them will happen shortly.

I hope you enjoyed this week. I like giving aΒ title to the week’s spread, kind of summing up what the theme has been, so I think I will do this every week. I am loving this project and how it is developing!


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