Surreal Mood Photos for Winter

I came across these beautiful, and slightly creepy, images from the photographer Martin Vlach a couple of days ago and thought I would share them. They are chilling and soft. And photo manipulation is very fascinating to me right now, so I love the images of whales gracefully swimming through the skies. ‘Haunting’ is a good word for his work. Enjoy!

I thought the misty beauty of these photos was appropriate for the winter that seems to be hitting my part of the world. Might even do a blog on the bi-polar winter we are having. Since us Brits love to talk about the weather.

Stay warm

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2 Responses to Surreal Mood Photos for Winter

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  2. Hi, I love your blog, so Ive nominated you for a Liebster award. I’ve also followed you. Check out the nomination here

    Becki xxx

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