Project Life – Week 3

Well it has been a crazy week. And going to be completely honest with you lovely followers and readers, not the best week of my life. It started out well enough, with the usual seminars, going out with friends and exploration of the internet for inspiration. However, the weekend did not go well. Not well at all. Bit of a long story, a tale of travelling to Nottingham, spending over Β£100 for what was supposed to be a renewing few days, but ended up in disaster. Shame really. Was all very emotional and I wont bore you with silly details. Lets just say the highlight of the weekend was watching The Wild Thornberry’s Movie. Had not seen it since I was little, and had forgotten how brilliant it is! Just wanted to BE Eliza Thornberry.

Back on the reason you are all reading this, Project life! (At least I assume that is why you are here, surely it can’t be to hear my narcissistic ramblings about adventures gone wrong in Nottingham). As I said, this week was very standard and there weren’t a lot of opportunities to take photos sadly. But i have included a few instagrams, which I like having, as instagram is a daily way I document life. Here is the full spread:

Overall I am pretty happy with this week, considering I didn’t have a vast number of photos. I kept the pastel yellow and blue over both pages. Only thing is it could be a little cluttered when put together. I have included the stories of the two presents I got this week from various lovely people. And a rather big picture of H and I but it is very nice and clear.

Jan week 3

This page has various photos of my student home, since I flick between there and uni, so I took some pictures in the cool sunlight that this winter has brought. Also included the story of the filo-fax, which has become the single most useful thing in my bag, aside from my phone. I am SO terrible and putting dates in my phone calendar, and then I forget and then I am late and that doesn’t help for making friends. So YAY for the filo-fax!


I like the typewriter font I found. Its fun. And neat. I think this page worked slightly better, I like my two images of the cold mornings, which are a regular occurrence. There is also the story of my second little gift from a wonderful friend, and I do mention my disastrous trip. I had to included the picture of J. He fell asleep in front of The Wild Thornberrys in the middle of the day. Put him in front of any screen and it happens. So sneaky selfie it was.

Hope all you Wild Thornberry fans enjoyed this week!
(if you are not a fan, reconsider everything)


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