Project Life – Week 1

I am curled in a blanket and gloves as I begin writing about Week 1 of 2014, as my dear student house doubles as an ice box. Since this is my first layout ever, I have made a cute FREE download for all of you out there reading and creating.

Already I am encountering problems and challenges that are forcing me to think about the way I construct future pages. Since this week was madly packing to go back to university, New Years Eve, and essays lingering over all of this, the quality of some of the photos in this first week are less than perfect. And I have already decided that with this project: It is all about the photos.  All the little tags, pretty filler cards and fancy fonts in the world do not matter if they are not surrounding real stories.
So, for future spreads I will try my hardest to use images taken on my Nikon D300 SLR. The poor thing is battered, well-loved and never fails. Might be my most favourite material thing…
However, failing my strength to lug Niky (yep, I named it) out to campus with me everyday, many of my photos will come from my iPhone and Instagram as they are used to document the days when things move fast and crazy. And I fear there is going to be much more of that this term.

ANYWAYS! Sure you are bored of all the writing so here is the first spread for Project Life 2014:

Jan Week 1_edited-1

OOOh, ahhh.

As I am sure poor J would tell you if you asked, I have been completely wrapped up in fonts, actions, levels and photos, despite the 2000 word essay I don’t want to do. Having been a while since I used my Photoshop skills, I was pretty rusty and was burning up Google to check how to do this and that. I have had so much fun with this first spread however so, WORTH IT!

January 1_edited-1

These first two pages are pretty much what I mentioned earlier: New Years Eve, heading back to Warwick and work! I included the funny story of J’s duck jumper and picture of us with his friends on what was a hilarious New Years on this first page, as well a picture of the sunset from the window one evening, spread across two templates.

2nd jauary_edited-1

I wanted to try link the two pages as much as possible, despite doing them at varying times so I continued on page two with half New Years snapshots and polaroids and half a crazy selfie taken on the drive back which I love.

Good things about this spread, I feel are the allowance for white spaces, giving it a cleaner look. I also like the red hue I choose to use across the entire spread
Bad things are probably the too many photos of J and I. Think I need more variety, since as beautiful as we are, could get boring very quickly. Just happens that is who my New Year was spent with.  Also, I used one too many different fonts and that irritates one.


As promised, here is the free graphic, made by yours truly. CLICK HERE if you wish to download it. Enjoy.
Hope you like the spread! Let me know any thoughts

Happy browsing,



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  2. This is so fantastic! What a great idea!!!
    -Kaitlyn 🙂

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