Printed trousers, Funky Jumpers and Best Friends

I WENT TO VISIT MY BEST FRIEND! And we had a fabulous time. We have always had a long distance relationship so each period of time together is filled with a lot of giggling, heart to hearts and reminiscing.

This time was no exception. I arrived at the station, eagerly on the look out for that gorgeous girl, wearing my new blue and white striped trousers. Very nautical. She leaped out the car and we collided in a very loud and excited hug, much to the shock of the surrounding pedestrians. After we broke away, I noticed something. She was herself, wearing some very cool trousers in an elephant print. I pointed this out and we laughed at the fun coincidence. The next day we went for crazy jumpers and it was all very amusing.

The next couple of days involved delicious meals, classy drinks, photos in the sun and discussing the important things going on in our lives. I love that girl so very much. She always has the right advice and is constantly smiling. She knows my history and I hers so we can talk in total honesty and context. She is wonderfully talented and I am so grateful every day for her. Here are a few images of our very lovely few days:

DSC_0473-001 DSC_0465DSC_0468DSC_0513DSC_0540DSC_0679DSC_0685 - CopyDSC_0676 - Copy

Then we decided to be walrus’:

DSC_0656 - Copy DSC_0659

Find your best friend.


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