Summer Yearning

Summer. The very word brings to mind images of heat soaked skin, floral skirts and blue skies. I was made for summer. I think most people were. I need the sun. I was raised in a hot climate and all year I long for the promise of summer, for the time when school is out, sunglasses are in and the days are filled with nothing but tanning, festivals and sweet, sweet sun. I always want to make the most of my summers. I dream constantly of places to go. My mind is restless, dreaming of wide open spaces, beautiful people and beautiful clothes. I lose track of the realities. I get frustrated with myself that I am not as creative, stylish or lucky as other bloggers. I forget that I am only 19 and there is so much ahead. So many summers to do all of the things I want. To work for Free People, to summer in the Hampton’s, be in NYC, wear nothing but vintage, be tanned, surf more, live simplistically, drink exotic cocktails, wear flowers in my hair and listen to hot music. So much to do in this short life and I cannot wait for it to start this summer.

Stay Sunny


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