Future Blogging Plans


So The Gold Forest has been fairly quiet in recent days. My second term of university has come to an end and it has been a great one. The last week consisted of essays, minor panic’s over packing up halls and organisation of our CU exec weekend away. So blogging was temporarily pushed to the side. But now, I have 5 glorious weeks ahead of me, hopefully filled with the beginning of summer, seeing old and new friends, and perhaps an essay. I just wanted to let the lovely followers of this blog know what posts they can expect in the future. I am always looking for inspiration and so if anyone has an ideas or thoughts on what they would like to see on here, do let me know. For now, future posts will include:

  1. Summer Look-book: Inspired as always by my future job at Free People, I am going to put together a look book of beautiful, affordable styles.
  2. How to Created the Perfect Playlist – Self explanatory really but a harder job than I first thought. Will include my latest loves in the music scene
  3. A Look back on Term Two – Still a fresher? Or fully established student? I’m still not sure but we will have fun finding out.
  4. Revolutionary Life – More information to follow.

So that is what is on the agenda for these next few blissful weeks of holiday. I hope you are all well. You are all beautiful people. Stay strong.

All My Love,


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