Monday Morning Motivation

Leaders think & talk about the solutions. Followers think & talk about the problems. -Brian Tracy

Leaders and Followers. Interesting topic for a Monday. I dragged myself out of bed to yet again find Warwick campus covered in snow. In March. Ridiculous. As I quickly settle down to some quiet time before surprising certain people by turning up to 8am prayer meeting, I saw the above quote on Twitter.

So I got thinking about leaders. I recently was given the honor of a leadership position and so far I hope I am doing a good job. But the more I think about it, the more I believe leaders should be servant hearted and willing to be led as well as make the tough decisions that accompany the responsibility.

You may think you are a follower, you may see yourself as a leader. Whatever you are, be in charge of your own day today. Lead yourself to people who will uplift you, who will guide you. I hate to say something as cheesy as be the leader of your own life but seriously….do it. Learn, Lead and Live.

This is a very quick post, off to prayer meeting.

Be Motivated this Monday Morning!


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