Hello Blog-sphere! I am truly sorry for the lack of posting and my general disappearance. The worst thing to happen to a blogger did happen…my old faithful Acer laptop of 4 years, was STOLEN.

I hardly dare utter the word but it is true. Right out of my uni room, scary to say the least. Yet what touched me most was everyone’s concern and willingness to help. At the end of the day, it was just a laptop, and an out of date one at that. But thank you to the friends and family who were so supportive. People continue to give me hope.

So for two weeks I have had limited access to anything and certainly no bright ideas for blogging. But now, a beautiful new Dell Inspiron 15z Ultrabook sits proudly on my desk and as I adjust to the truly slick Windows 8 format, I can assure you all many more posts in the near future(whose day is now made huh??)

So we say goodbye to Acer Ventura, a bulky, slow but loyal to the end machine and hello to Dell-ilah(get it?)

Real post to follow soon, hope you all have access to the laptop of your dreams

May the Internet Be with You



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