Thursday Amusement-Nerdisms

Today’s Thursday Amusement is inspired by all the glory, wonder and awesomeness that is the world of Superheroes. I love anything superhero related, thriving off the action and never ending belief that no matter how nail-biting the situation gets, the world will be saved. I also genially wish I was Batman. Recently my flatmates and I engaged in a intellectual debate about what the worst superpower would be. It got heated. We settled on Puddle Boy(is able to turn into a puddle but literally nothing else) or Errand Boy(heightened ability to run errands).

So what do you, the public that needs saving think? Worst super power ever? Best suggestions will go on a Top 10 list in the near future.

While you think about that here are some real kick-ass superheroes:

Superhero Math

Because I’m Batman!

No Superhero tribute post would be complete without a think to the immensely funny Collage Humour videos of Batman.

My Future Child

If you have time to kill, this comic of all your favourite superheroes as children is brilliant and skilled.


And of course, the greatest Superheros of them all:

Saviour of the World

Have a Super day


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One Response to Thursday Amusement-Nerdisms

  1. (spiderman) says:

    I have engaged in this debate as well. This is always the winner: the boy who can turn invisible, but only when no one is looking at him. Ha- GAY.

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