Monday Morning Motivation

Greetings fellow Humans.

I am in heaven this Monday Morning and it is a very disconcerting place to be. I did not sleep all night, due to over sleeping on the weekend(ahh the joys of getting back into routine) and so I was expecting this morning to be severally painful.

Since there was no point going to bed, I had my quiet time, pulled on my smashing new monochromatic trousers and prepared for my 10am lecture. Architecture this term. Heard its a good one. Then, at 9am, my eyes are opened to the fact it is not after all a 10am, but a 2pm class.

Miracle or massive bother?

I settled for miracle when I peered outside to see a snow covered campus. It was magical. A perfectly beautiful scene to discover, welcome after no sleep and coffee deprived. As ridiculous as it might sound, it seemed like the English weather had decided to help me this day, rather than greeting me with the usual depressing tones of grey. Everything was bright, white and unspoiled. Snow makes everything better. It makes thorn bushes photo worthy and patterns the puddles.

And so, despite common sense telling me to go to bed, I grabbed my packed bag, camera and warmest coat to make the most of this morning.

So now as I sit in my favourite coffee shop, indulging in this gift of a morning, my motivation is this:
Enjoy the little things. Enjoy the surprises. Instead of using sudden free time to catch up on those things you simply must do, see it as a opportunity to indulge and go something you love. Read a book, knit, drink coffee, build a snowman if you can.
Enjoy the little things and the big things won’t seem to big.

A snowed-in


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3 Responses to Monday Morning Motivation

  1. Nothing like a bit of snow. Here where I live we got a bit as well…well more than a bit, actually.
    It was still great.

  2. karen says:

    That last comment was so encouraging Anna, about enjoying the little things….life has far more of those than BIG things that seem overwhelming.

  3. ewgreenlee says:

    You have the right attitude. Never waste a single moment, even due the change of seasons. If you have coffee as your companion, you are never alone.

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