A Shameful Apology for the lack of Posting…

The title pretty much summarises this post.

I am truly sorry for not keeping this blog ‘freshly pressing’. It is the last week of term and I am been frantically cooking Christmas dinner for 23 lovely people, finishing essays and still trying to have some ounce of a social life. But things are coming together, essays are done and Christmas with my family is calling. The end is in sight! I have very mixed feelings towards the end of my first term. I cannot believe it has come to this already. I am going to miss this place.

But on the up side, here is a little project I have been slowly slowly putting together. The Arts centre here has put up a beautiful display of twisting, rotating, shimmering shapes and I had to photograph them. I love the way they reflect the luminous lights on one of the walls. If you look in a couple of the images, you can see little old me reflected in the crescent moon.


Expect more posting as the days go by!


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