Rain, Creation of a Portrait, and Long Suffering Friends


I am currently curled up with a cup of tea, a cheeky cup cake from the cutest coffee shop of them all, as the rain bears down on my little corner of the world. Basically I am feeling like something out of a Tetley Tea advert.

I hope all of you out there are enjoying this week. So far I am having a fantastic one. Monday was a seriously productive and enjoyable day as I had my favourite class which is far too rapidly coming on an end. A fun fact we learnt to do with self portraiture:

1) Self portraits began at a time when there was a growing interest in the THE SELF and IDENTITY

I love the ideas and artists we discuss. After finishing half an hour earlier, I felt the artist in me itching to begin a new project. I had come away feeling all inspired and so I made the perilous journey to tescos to buy art supplies. Arms loaded with cardboard, pencils and  paint, I stumbled back home and forced my flat mates into I’m sure will be the first of many photography projects. The idea: Write one word on a piece of paper that describes something you want to be MORE of, e.g decisive, generous, daring.

It was truly fascinating to see what people came up with. Some took longer than others, some where surprising but by doing this, I looked at the way, when a portrait is taken, the subject wants to be shown in a particular light, wants to be viewed a certain way. From this, I as the artist am in a unique position of power, to decide whether or not they get to be shown in that way. I chose whether or not their individuality gets taken away. By placing many portraits of different people together, the only way to keep that individuality is by the word they have chosen and displayed. Here is how I arranged the images:

However, so to add to this idea, I wanted to take away the subject’s exact likeness. In this way, it is is a portrait, as they have that word. What I quickly realised was that there is a tension when I drew in the faces rather than leave the photographic likeness:



While the subject still has recognisable features, there is now a disconcerting element to the portraits. A side point is that interestingly enough, the words people choose where, for each individual, perfect words as to how I as their friend saw them, and yet they are claiming they want to have more of that quality. This introduces ideas of how one views one self and how they actually are perceived by the outer world.

This was such a fun project, I just thought I would share it with you.  Here are some of my faves:

What are some of your favourite images of people?

I have finished my most amazing cupcake and tea so time to hang out with the flat after their amazing cooperation yesterday.

Here are just a few out takes from the ‘shoot’ yesterday. Love the people I live with:


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2 Responses to Rain, Creation of a Portrait, and Long Suffering Friends

  1. Olly Mallett says:

    Really like this, simple yet powerful project.

  2. lucewriter says:

    This really was great. Nice work and good analysis!!

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