Monday Morning Motivation

YAY first Monday Morning Motivation! Maybe we should shorten it, like M3 or something.    Just an idea. Anyway, after the initial painful dragging myself out of bed, the delight of being able to put this post together (and the promise of my first coffee in a week) was enough.

I believe you, yes you whoever you are awesome. That is today’s simple message.


I think people don’t think this about themselves enough

and they need to be reminded for the fact. Thinking positively about yourself effects your whole out look on life. You were created for a purpose and don’t let people put you down and tell you that you don’t matter.

You do very much!

So start this week off right.  Be Awesome.

And here are some awesome images to get you thinking:

A Star’s exploded remains.

Have the most wonderful Monday


All Images are sourced.

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One Response to Monday Morning Motivation

  1. idiotprufs says:

    I never forget that I’m awesome; it’s in the execution that I fail.

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